What is our competitive advantage in the opportunity/capture management area?


1). Availability: We pride ourselves on being second to none in terms of being available for our clients. 24/7 and multiple methods of communication.

2). Experience: We have a combined amount of over twenty (20) years.

3). Connections: We conduct business in a multitude of industries and over many years we have formed great relationships through our work.

4). Data: Data is at the core of our business. We analyze millions of data points to create the most effective strategies for our clients.

5). Marketing: Your company has a story to tell and we have the resources (an award-winning creative agency) to help you tell it.



We offer a range of expertise and assistance to businesses aiming to secure contracts with government agencies. Here are some services we commonly provide:

  1. Bid Proposal Preparation: We assist clients in crafting competitive bid proposals by understanding the specific requirements of government solicitations, ensuring compliance with regulations, and highlighting the client’s strengths and capabilities.


  1. Market Research and Analysis: We conduct market research (with proprietary tools such as Robb Insights and D.A.T.A) to identify government contracting opportunities relevant to the client’s business. This involves analyzing government procurement forecasts, historical data, and agency spending patterns.


  1. Contract Compliance: We assist in ensuring that contracts adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and policies, such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and agency-specific requirements.


  1. Certifications and Registrations: We guide businesses through the process of obtaining necessary certifications and registrations, such as the System for Award Management (SAM), Small Business Administration (SBA) certifications (e.g., 8(a) Business Development Program, HUBZone, Women-Owned Small Business), and others that may enhance eligibility for government contracts.


  1. Proposal Evaluation and Feedback: We offer feedback on draft proposals and conduct mock evaluations to help clients understand how their proposals will be assessed by government agencies. This feedback loop is crucial for refining proposals and increasing the likelihood of success.


  1. Teaming and Partnering Opportunities: We assist in identifying potential teaming or subcontracting opportunities with other businesses, including prime contractors, to enhance competitiveness and broaden capabilities.


  1. Negotiation Support: We provide guidance during contract negotiations to ensure favorable terms and conditions for their clients while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.


  1. Post-Award Support: We assist clients navigate post-award activities, such as contract administration, compliance reporting, and resolving disputes or issues that may arise during contract performance.


  1. Training and Education: We offer training programs and workshops to educate clients on various aspects of government contracting, including regulations, processes, and best practices.


  1. Strategic Planning: We assist in developing long-term strategies for pursuing government contracts, including market positioning, capability development, and identifying emerging opportunities.

Overall, our government contracting consultants serve as valuable partners for businesses seeking to navigate the complex landscape of government procurement and maximize their chances of success.

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