Robb Consulting Group will keep your systems running with 24/7 proactive monitoring and management.

Some of the managed IT services we provide are:

Enterprise Detection & Response (EDR): We provide centralized managed EDR to include antimalware, antivirus, automated detection and response.

Patch Management: We manage Windows patches and automatic deployment in accordance with the patch management policy. We will also manage 3rd party patches and automatic deployment in accordance with the patch management policy.

Maintenance: We provide ongoing maintenance of workstations and servers to include, but not limited to: Temp File Cleanup, Disk Cleanup, and Memory utilization.

Management: We provide 24×7 management of server and network components, including CPU, Memory, Network Utilization, Hard Drive, Uptime/Downtime, usage, trending, event log, security issues, and Warranty Status. 8×5 (8 hours a day. 5 days a week.) management of all workstations and laptops including CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, and warranty status.

Sales Support: We make informed recommendations and assist in the procurement of IT-related hardware such as workstations, desktops, servers, AV equipment, and network equipment. If we have any bulk purchasing agreements we then pass them on to you without markup. Equipment configuration/setup may be billed as part of management services.

Backup Services: We make backups of the central server encrypted to onsite and offsite repositories with full image-level backup. Also, backup of Microsoft 365 environment. Annual testing of data recovery.

IT Support Services: We provide 8×5 (8 hours a day. 5 days a week.) IT help desk services, remote support, and onsite support at your offices. We also provide for 8×5 IT help desk and remote support for remote offices.

Emergency Support Services: We provide 24×7 on-call support services for emergency/after-hours issues.

Annual IT Audit: We have certified information systems auditors to conduct annual IT audits to review your network and computer systems in accordance with your audit guidelines. This also includes audit services, external penetration testing, and internal vulnerability scanning.

Migration Services: We provide ongoing and project-based engagement for the migration of email and Office 365 from VITA/state-managed system to its own hosted tenant with Microsoft 365.

Email Service: We manage and maintain the Microsoft 365 licensing and email platform for your organization. We also provide user-level spam and phishing support.

Security Training: We provide quarterly phishing tests on the agency email system and domains. We also provide quarterly web-based security training in accordance with your audit guidelines.

Conference IT Support: We provide on-site support for as many as five (5) days at a conference venue where we set up and troubleshoot company-owned equipment that is being used at the event.


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